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Debut Novel: Without A Net. Adventure, intrigue, romance, fiction drawn from the author's rich imagination and extensive knowledge of our globe, Without A Net creates courageous characters determined to live their highest potential and pits them against characters from a hidden segment of society motivated by hate and a lust for power over everybody and everything. Who wins? Or does anyone win? Available
CreateSpace eStore: https://www.createspace.com/4298751Also at Amazon.com: Search by title author.New Book: Life in the Quality Lane: The LifeSkills to Make Each Moment Matter. (Available from https://createspace/3491828) Also available on Amazon NEW COMMENTARY:
Among the other commentaries:Critical First Steps After The 2012 ElectionCommentary 1:0 Elections 2012, The Broader Context posted January 17, 2012 Commentary 2: Absolutism, Extremism and Insecurityposted September 18, 2012 Lessons from the Tucson Tradegy The State of Pol itics 2010New Decade: Resolutions For Human Society



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Welcome...and thanks for visiting me on my website.

Perhaps you and I have already met sometime, somewhere,or perhaps I have not yet had that pleasure. In either case, I wish we could be having a face-to-face conversation so your visit could be interactive, and so I could learn more about you, too.

I think it’s difficult to decide what should be included in a personal Website. Mine is the result of numerous people telling me I should have a site, so I have finally taken their advice. I hope you will find the information I’ve included to be at least somewhat interesting. For your sake, my sake, and the protection of children who frighten easily, there will be no posters, wallpaper, T-shirts, or garments (either under or over) with my picture on them that are available for purchase.

Hopefully, however, there are some things you might want to take a look at...and all you have to do is click on the web page tab. For example, I do put COMMENTARIES on that page on a regular basis and all the professional services I can provide can be found under the SERVICES tab. Information about my PUBLICATIONS and MUSIC can be seen on those website pages.
At the request of site visitors instructions for ordering the books and music available through my agent are located on the CONTACT US page of this site. Thank you to those who have asked for this service.

Again, thank you for visiting, and if we have not already met in person, I hope our journeys will eventually connect, sometime, somewhere.

Dudley Weeks

NOTE: I relocated in 2011. See my new email and telephone number on the CONTACT US page.

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