We are connected

one to the other

by needs and hopes

that transcend infant groupings

so recently spawned

by divisive minds

in this human cradle

from which we've still not

emerged with gentle strength,

so we reach for dominance

and reach for advantage

to feel we deserve

a higher place

than someone else,

but we are connected

one to the other

with more in common

than we want to see,

for I need you

and you need me

connected as we are

in this cradle bed,

the same umbilical feeds us all,

when you draw breath

my lungs expand,

when I fall down

your body aches.....

we are connected

the one to the whole,

woven as art in search of a frame,

yet we seem to dwell

on the torn interruptions

ignoring the truth

that we are


  (Included in  So Far To Go When We Get There, Copyright Dudley Weeks, 1992; and in On Love and Change & Other Subversive Things, Copyright Dudley Weeks, 1999]