Heads and Tails

Most people know the difference between                            

heads and tails, the head holds the brain                               

while the tail is for sitting                        

and various other unmentionable things,                             

but both heads and tails can 'wag', as it were,                                  

and sometimes it seems we confuse the two,                        

thinking with our tails and letting our heads                        

have unmentionable thoughts.                   


It's the brain that gives the head its importance,                               

no matter that some folks just focus on the face,                                                      

and as we examine the wondrous human brain,                     

questions galore rummage therein,                                     

like what makes an Einstein and what makes the opposite                  

and what is the difference twixt wisdom and intelligence,                    

and how much can we determine brain potential.                               


As you may know, the brain of Dr. Einstein

has now been examined and his parietal lobules,

unlike us mere mortals, were distinctly undivided

and enlarged oh so grandly, which can either depress us

and make us seek potions that when poured on the head

might enlarge our lobules, or we can appreciate Albert

and try to be glad that we've got lobules at all.


Probably because my lobules may be tiny,  

I'm wondering if our tails when examined just as closely                   

reveal as much insight into a person's potential

as found in the brain.


But, sadly, Eintein's tail will never be examined,

so I'm offering myself for the advancement of knowledge

and hereby bequeath on the Organ Donor form

my one and only tail for the glory of science.   

(Included in  Through the Mist, Copyright Dudley Weeks, 2002]