To Dance

     If I had it all to do again

        and we never have it all to do again,

           but if I did have it all to do again

              I'd take much more time to dance .


                  Dance you say, who needs ballet

                     who needs to move and sway that way,

                        but that's not dancing, just moving that way

                          when we celebrate each day, that's dancing  I say.


                           When you dare to be you, that's when you dance

                           when you fall and get up, that's when you dance

                         when you can laugh at yourself, that's when you dance

                        when you enrich someone's life, then you have danced  .


                   For dancing is believing that whatever place you're in

               can be made into a place where hope can begin

            dancing is reaching again and again

         for the best that's in you, and me, and them.....

    that's dancing , my friends.

(Included in  So Far To Go When We Get There, Copyright Dudley Weeks, 1992; and

in On Love and Change & Other Subversive Things, Copyright Dudley Weeks, 1999]