You Never Know

I was lost in the woods,                                                               

not that one is ever really lost                                           

when surrounded by Nature,                                                                                                          

but let's just say                                     

I didn't know where I was                                     

except many miles from where I had started                                                                         

four days ago when I decided to get away from it all.                                     


It had worked up to now,                                      

I hadn't seen a single human,                                            

only the creatures that Nature

seems to protect from human folk,                                     

and I kept on following the breeze                          

until I saw a flock of birds                                    

beckoning me to a hidden cabin                                                                             

perched atop a snowy ridge.                                              


The cabin looked shut for Winter,                

so I climbed up the steep ridge

as creatures of Nature encouraged me,

and on the door a note was nailed

written in words, most misspelled,

and I looked all around me

and saw nobody so started to read the note.


"I ain't hear so keep goin'

and where I iz ain't yer bizzness

but even if I wuz home I wudn't let you in,

I bilt this place to get away from the likes of you,

if you'z who I think you iz."


I was pretty sure I wasn't the who,

but I kept on climbing

'cause you never know.

(Included in  Through the Mist, Copyright Dudley Weeks, 2002]