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The Music of Dudley Weeks

(Compiled and Written by Mattie Tolley, Web Manager and Fan)

Dudley Weeks carries music in his soul. Like all of his talents, Dudley has used his music to inspire countless people throughout the world to develop and utilize their positive potential. His music also enriches us through the creativity and fun he communicates as well. Like the multi-dimensional man himself, Dudley's music cannot be conveniently classified into traditional styles. Popular, folk, blues, contemporary country...his songs span all of these and more. Dudley has performed his music throughout the world in concerts featuring not only his songs but his poetry, comedy, and drama as well. Thanks to the computer age, and to make his music readily available, Dudley has agreed to using his website as a convenient way to order his CDs. NOTE: Ordering instructions are on the "Contact Us" page of this site. For custom CDs, please list in the Menu section of the order form the 12 songs you wish to purchase.


CURRENT SONGS: Below are the opening verse and chorus of some of his songs and the full list of available songs. At a later date we hope to embed samples of the actual music.


1. Dream Your Dreams
2. Pass It On
3. Sunday Special
4. By The Sea
5. Rusty Love
6. Life Is Not A Picture Show
7. Sometimes It Just Happens
8. Little Things
9. Nightlife Blues
10. Times Gone By


(first verse and chorus only. All songs are copyrighted to Dudley Weeks and may not be reproduced, performed, or recorded without his expressed consent. For consent see email address.)

We've all been told so many times
What we should do and we should be
And what to think, what to believe,
And even what our dreams should be
So we won't cause nice boats to rock
We won't cause a lot of shock.
And we're told to dream just certain dreams
Sing just certain songs
So sometimes we fear to try
To dream a better dream.
Sometimes we only sing the songs others say to sing
Slowly we allow the chorus of the crowd
To drown our dreams and kill our songs
And slowly we just die.


So, dream your dreams and sing your songs
And if somebody tells you that it's wrong
To dream your dreams and sing new songs
Remember some of us will sing along.
For the world needs new dreams
This world needs new songs
If there's to be a chance
For all of us to ever get along.
(C) Dudley Weeks, ASCAP

NOTE: Of all the music of Dudley Weeks, Dream Your Dreams comes closest to being a theme song. He has sung it in many countries around the world as an encouragement to the youth of the world to fulfill their positive potential.

One mornin' I walked
down by the railroad tracks
And put my ear down on the rail
I heard the Sunday Special
an' saw it puffin' black
A' bringin' all the sacks of weekly mail
And at the controls was skinny ol' Luther Boles
Who never was known to smile
Or take his eyes off the rail
But when ol' Luther Boles
Shoveled on tons of coal
My how he could make that whistle wail.

Note: In this rollicking folk country song Dudley tips his hat to the influence of the music, instruments and style of the West Virginia mountains where he makes his home.

So next time that you go
Down to the railroad tracks
Put a rose on Luther's grave
And climb up on the tracks
And raise a fist up in the air
And swear not to pay your tax
Until the U.S. government
Gets off the people's backs...

(C) Dudley Weeks, ASCAP




If I don't love you
Sometimes as well as I want to
If sometimes I don't hold you as you need
Then maybe you can be a little patient with me
'Cause my love's been rusty for awhile.



Oh, rusty love makes you wonder
If I care for you
Rusty love makes you wonder
Just what I've been through
But if you will take my love
My rusty, rusty love
My love won't be rusty any more.

(C) Dudley Weeks, ASCAP



Nightlife blues, you keep on comin' round
Fillin' up my head with all those dizzy sounds
While neon stars light my way to town.
Oh those nightlife blues,
They keep on comin' back
Like a hungry dog
Runnin' with the pack
I have lost so many nights
That I've lost track.
(C) Dudley Weeks, ASCAP

NOTE: Nightlife Blues is a "tough blues" yet humorous comment on what the excesses of "nightlife" can bring.



Sometimes it's the little things
that seem no bigger than a string
that hold together larger things
like notes that make the songs we sing.

And if it ever comes to be
that we let small things die as seeds
we will nver ever know what life can be.


So take the time, take the time,
take the time to do the little things

Note: This song also appears as a poem in the collection Through The Mist (c) Dudley Weeks, 2002. A volume of that book can be purchased through this site.


Dudley Weeks has a number of other songs available. These songs can be requested on a custom CD. Buyers have a choice of 12 out of 17 songs. As with the generic CD "The Music of Dudley Weeks", we have provided you with selected lyrics to some songs and simple descriptions of others.

List of all the other songs:

1. Burgundy ("Burgundy Woods" is what Dudley calls the home he built in the mountains of West Virginia. This song talks about the positive effects the woods have on people who come to visit.)
2. In Yesterday Today
(see some of lyrics below)
3. Manly Things
(The haunting yet lovely melody of this song adds strength to its powerful message: the stereotypes we teach young boys about what it means to be "manly.")
4. Winds of Farewell
(See chorus below.)
5. TimeChild
(In this song, Dudley reminds us of what is truly lasting in life and how the "childlikeness" in humanity is one of our most cherished gifts, one we should never let die."
6. Who Is This Wind
(This song is based on poem written to Dudley by a friend, Leigh Dance.)
7. Knockin' On My Door
(A fun blues song characterized by the lyric, "Won't somebody out there tell me how to know when the right kind of love comes knockin' at my door.")

In Yesterday Today
Care for the lonely ones
who pass your way
who are looking for the love they knew
Livin' in yesterday, today.
Remember we've all been there
One time or maybe more
I know I have and will again
Reaching for somebody's warmth
Somebody's tender touch
To feel we're loved again.

(C) Dudley Weeks, ASCAP

NOTE: We can almost see Dudley sitting with his guitar around a campfire somewhere in the world, reminding all of us about the importance of making each moment and each person matter. Compassion for "the lonely ones" and not letting ourselves "live in yesterday today" are additional themes of this beautifully crafted song.


Winds of Farewell


But I'm gonna make it
You better count on me
I've lived through the storms
And I'm still running free
Yes, I'm gonna make it
There is too much left to see
So you better take your heart
And bet it on me.
(C) Dudley Weeks, ASCAP

NOTE: Given the extraordinary and challenging experiences Dudley has gone through in his conflict resolution work throughout the world, these lyrics are most appropriate. They encourage all of us to have confidence in ourselves and our ability to develop and utilize our positive potential.

If you want to obtain Dudley's music you may order on the "Contact Us" page of this site. Any questions may be directed to our email address.