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About the Author:
 Dr. Dudley Weeks, PhD, is widely known throughout the US and the world for his contributions in various fields, including conflict resolution, education, organizational planning, nonviolent social change, and human resource development.  He is an author of both non-fiction and fiction.  

About the Books:

Published Works

New 2013: Without A Net, debut novel, adventure, intrigue, romance. Precocious scholar, superb athlete, daring adventurer ,Raner Wotic. Stunningly beautiful and bright Teal. What was it that drew them together? Certainly, together they seemed to be confronted over and over with a hidden segment of society motivated by hate and a lust for power over everything and everybody, leading into danger, intrigue, and adventure around the world, with no safety net should they fall. How will their life Without A Net hold up against such a venomous segments of the criminal world?Available at or under title author.

NEW Aug. 2011: Life in the Quality Lane: The LifeSkills to Make Each Moment Matter. ISBN_13 978-1453883310 From the back cover: Life in the Quality Lane is built on a foundation of practical, proven LifeSkills we can use in all aspects of life. Individual relationships are enriched. Families are strengthened. Organizations and businesses become more effective. Comunities become more cooperative. Planning produces better outcomes. Communities become more cooperative. Planning produces better outcomes. Conflicts are resolved in a way that results in sustainable, mutual benefits. Each LifeSkill makes its own valuable contribution, and together they combine to create a process we can all apply in our daily life. Available at https://createspace/3491828.

The Eight Essential Steps to Conflict Resolution, preserving relationships at work, at home, and in the community. (1992/4, Tarcher/Penguin).  ISBN 0-87477-79-8
Offers a new perspective on the nature of conflict, outlines a proven eight-step method for resolving differences, and discusses how to handle frequent problem areas.

From back cover: “Whatever the nature of our dispute, this book can guide you to an enduring resolution.  Here, world-renowned mediator Dudley Weeks presents a tested method for resolving stubborn differences of opinion that can be damaging to professional and personal lives.”
Available at Amazon and major booksellers

Ocho pasos pra resolver conflictos (1993, Javier Vergara) ISBN 950151341
Spanish edition of The Eight Essential Steps to Conflict Resolution.   
Available at Amazon ( and by special order from booksellers.

Note:  This book has also been published in several other languages.  


  Through The Mist (2002)is a 220 page collection of Dudley Weeks poetry including many new poems as well as his national award-winning and most popular poems from previous collections.  ISBN 1401055869 (hardcover) 1401055850 (softcover)

From poetry critic Simone Adavar: “I have worked many years as a professional poetry critic, and I consider Dudley Weeks one of my favorite poets.  One reason is the incredible diversity and strength of his ideas and style, a strength that reflects the amazingly diverse and remarkable life he has lived and continues to live….Dudley brings to each moment and each person a passion for life, a brilliant mind, kindness of heart, and skills to help us all empower ourselves to improve. ..I think you will find Through The Mist a most worthwhile experience.
Available from Amazon, by special order from other booksellers and directly from the author at

On Love & Change and Other Subversive Things (1999)  poetry: 141 pages.  ISBN 0917517025
 From reviewer Anton Pelossa: “As with Dudley himself, there are threads of fun, hope, and what he himself calls “becoming, not just being”, woven throughout the struggle, joy, pathos, and creativity his poetry explores.  Every time I see or hear his creative works, whether through his poetry, music, scripts, art, or numerous books and articles, I am challenged to think, feel, and act, and always, always to reach for the more constructive parts of myself and others.” 
Available only from the author.  Limited numbers only.

So Far To Go When We Get There (1992) poetry: 98 pages ISBN 0917517014
From reviewer Damian Thomas: “Emerging from the creativity and extraordinary life experiences of this remarkable man, the works included in this collection explore and touch the mind, heart, and spirit of individual and social humanity, always empowering us to reach for our positive potential.” 
Available only from the author.  Limited numbers only.

Additional works of Dudley Weeks awaiting publication


An Alternative To Traditional Mediation: The Conflict Partership Catalyst Process At last Dr. Weeks has put all his materials and methods together for use by both professional and volunteer mediators and trainers. The LifeSkills process designed and used for years by Dr. Weeks as the centerpiece to leading clients beyond a temporary 'fix' to permanent change and ongoing development are also provided. This book can be used by counselors, teachers, health professionals, organiztion in house mediators, professional mediators, government (states and nations) wanting to set up a process for transformative change. (Manuscript complete) All rights presently available.


Footsteps On The Wind, Volume 1: A Collecttion of Short Stories adapted from the life experiences of the author. (manuscript complete.)  All rights available. 

Footsteps in the Wind, Volume II.  Focuses on the author’s work in over 100 countries around the world. (In progress.)

Myths We Live By (and might die from).  Discusses several popular and entrenched attitudes and behavior patterns treated as fact but are actually myths obstructing the development of humanity's positive potential.  Practical alternatives to each myth are presented.   (In progress)

Beyond Mediation:  The Conflict Partnership Catalyst Process

The unique conflict resolution intervention approach developed by Dudley Weeks is presented in detail, complete with numerous examples from his experiences.  The CPC Process goes far beyond mediation, embodying specific skills for improving relationships as well as resolving conflicts.


Revolution of Hope is a timely book that not only contains powerful characters and a romantic sub-plot, but also presents realistic alternatives to violence in our complex world. Asha, in her mid-twenties, is the daughter of a cruel dictator in a foreign country.  With the help of Connor Rawlings, a freelance expert who has worked in peacebuilding efforts around the world, Asha leads an effective nonviolent revolution that removes her father from power.  The successful revolution prevents an invasion by the West to topple the dictator, and thus avoids a catastrophic war. All rights available. WINNER PEACEWRITING  INTERATIONAL WRITING AWARD 2008 SPONSORED BY PEACE AND JUSTICE STUDIES ASSOCIATION AND OMNI CENTER FOR PEACE, JUSTICE, AND ECOLOGY

Without a Net, intrigue/suspense/romance. What would you do if you were a man of extraordinary skills and profound intelligence and you knew of injustices that the law and order systems of the world could never resolve? If you dedicated your life to justice beyond the ordinary and then found the love of your life, putting her life at rish with each of your meissions? (Manuscript available). All rights available.

The Aliki Trilogy, an international thriller/romance series. Three stand alone novels chronicle the life of a young biracial woman, Aliki, born in the jungles of Borneo, who is suddenly thrust into a modern urban world fleeing a terrorist group with Kevin, the American she has come to love. Each is described below:

To Paint The World With Special Colors is the first book in the trilogy.  Captured by a terrorist organization operating a sex slave operation based in the jungles of Borneo, Aliki escapes with the help of Kevin, an American anthropologist.  Fleeing to the U.S., her life is forever changed.  Her development in a new culture, her love relationship with Kevin, and her becoming the featured subject of a documentary film on fascinating women from around the world fill her life.  Kevin is recaptured by the terrorists, and as Aliki becomes famous as an international personality and movie actress she leads the search to find Kevin.  Aliki's complex relationship with Sukat, one of the terrorists who admires her and helps in the search for Kevin, adds further intrigue to the story.  All rights available.

On Butterfly Wings Wings continues the saga of Aliki and Kevin.  He slowly recovers from being tortured by the terrorists, and his recovery is due in part to being nursed back to health by a young Hawaiian woman who falls in love with him.  His amnesia is still chronic when Aliki finds him in Hawaii, and he does not remember her.  They have to get to know each other all over again.  Under the Terrorist Act, the U.S. government charges Kevin with multiple murders supposedly committed when he was held by the terrorists.  Fighting the charges puts a major strain on the Aliki-Kevin relationship, for his guilt or innocense remains a mystery.  The government enlists Aliki's help in identifying the terrorists who held her in Borneo, which further complicates her friendship with the terrorist Sukat.  All rights available. 

The third untitled volume concludes the saga of Aliki and Kevin. ( Manuscript in progress.)


Collisions of Chance, a thriller with women’s literature overtones. Ellie, seventeen years old and homeless on the streets of Washington, D.C., witnesses a hit-and-run accident, and saves the life of Roni, a political activist severely wounded in the accident.  Falling unconscious as Ellie saves her, Roni secretly slips an audio tape in the pocket of Ellie's tattered coat.  The tape contains a conversation that implicates the President of the U.S. and his Inner Circle in crimes against the American people.  Ellie is thrust into a dangerous web of intrigue as Roni entrusts her to get the tape to a trusted member of the U.S. Senate. All rights available.

Passages Through Time, a paranormal thriller/women’s lit/romance. Through his paranormal ability to experience vividly past and future events, Devin Runnels explores the possibility that human potential provides such abilities for more than just a special few.  As he discovers how to use his "passages through time" for societal betterment, he becomes embroiled in an effort to unravel a dangerous international plot engineered by other people who also have his abilities but use them for self-serving domination and global control.  At his side through it all is the exotic Zoe, his lover and confidant, who believes in Devin's capabilities when most people see him as delusional. All rights available.

The Wind And Chimes At Play, a two part mixed genre story told in satire, dialogue, storytelling, and philosophical ‘coffee breaks'. The book is a wild ride through the homespun philosophy, adventures, humor, drama, and genius of Sec Sartain, one of the most unique characters in contemporary literature.  One of his projects is to invite nine "vacationers" to his country estate, each of them totally different from the others, to see how they will deal with their emerging relationships and conflicts.  Hidden from view, Sec watches their interactions and plans to write a book on their sometimes hilarious, sometimes dangerous, and always fascinating experiences.  All rights available. 

Exposed, a thriller/romance in two parts develops relationships based on genre equality and mutual appreciation during the exposure of a frightening political conspiracy with a surprise twist.  All rights available.

Between Two Worlds, an international thriller. This international adventure drawing from the author’s own work in peacemaking presents the clear choice between violent and nonviolent change as Wil, a former member of a lethal clandestine US military unit, changes the course of his life and organizes a group of Bosnian, Serbian, and Croatian youth to help heal the psychological, physical and social wounds suffered during the ethnic war.  His love relationship with Ivana, the mixed-ethnic leader of the youth teams, enriches the story. All rights available.