Training Workshops

    (NOTE: All workshops involve the practice of the Skills being taught.
  The optimum length of each workshop is listed, but alternative arrangements can be made on a case by case basis.)  

• Relationship-Building and Conflict Resolution: 2 Day Foundation Workshop;participants learn and practice The Conflict Partnership Process (TM) and The Partnership LifeSkills (TM)

Training for Conflict Partnership Trainers: 5 Days. Participants become certified CP Trainers able to conduct the 2-Day Foundation Workshop in Relationship Building and Conflict Resolution mentioned above. Pre-requisite: successful completion of the Foundation Workshop as a participant.

• Training of Conflict Partnership Catalyst Facilitators: 6 Days.
Participants become certified CP Catalyst Facilitators able to service diverse types of conflict situations both informally and formally. Pre-requisite: successful completion of the Foundation Workshop as a participant.

Participatory Leadership: 3 Days. The workshop prepares current and future leaders with the practical Skills of the Participatory Leadership Process (TM)

Designing and Implementing Effective Change: 3 Days. Concepts and practical Skills to empower people to identify, implement and sustain nonviolent, comprehensive change while strengthening mutual-benefit relationships.

Project Management and Conflict Resolution: 5 Days. Covers project planning, implementation, and management with an emphasis on the relationships within projects and with external actors who affect and are affected by projects.

Moving beyond Prejudice and Stereotyping: 3 Days. Practical Skills for moving beyond the attitudes, behavior and structures that create prejudice and stereotyping.

Developing a Partnership Culture: 3 Days.

Designed for leaders from diverse sectors of a community and society, this workshop prepares communities and societies to build a Partnership “Culture” as the foundation for the interactions and institutions that lie at the heart of “community”. Participants include leaders from government, nongovernmental organizations, business, education, legal institutions, youth, and many other sectors.

Training In-House Conflict Partnership Catalyst Facilitators: 6 Days.

Designed for businesses, organizations and institutions who want a certified CP Catalyst Facilitator on staff to deal with conflict situations in-house, and conflicts within external relationships. Pre-requisite: successful completion of the Foundation Workshop.

Peacekeeping and Peacebuilding: 5 Days.

Intensive training for Civilian Personnel, and/or Military/Other Security Forces to prepare them to be Peacebuilders and Peacekeepers in pre-conflict, mid-conflict, and post-conflict situations.

• Pro-Active Human Rights and Conflict Resolution: 3 Days. “Human Rights” are built on attitudes, behavior, relationship patterns, and structures/systems, not just on the enforcement of laws. This workshop focuses on that pro-active approach to Human Rights through the learning and practice of specific steps.

Post-Conflict Development and Reconciliation: 5 Days.

Conducted in post-conflict societies, this workshop involves key personnel from diverse sectors of communities and societies, including government, nongovernmental organizations, business, education, legal institutions, youth, and many others.

The Development of Civil Society: 5 Days

. A comprehensive workshop involving the key sectors of society mentioned in the previous workshop description. A critical component of this workshop focuses on the Skills essential to the development of relationships between government and nongovernmental organizations that serve society.

The Media and Conflict Resolution: 3 Days.

The workshop focuses on the media’s coverage of conflict situations and how media can “tell the complete story”, necessarily including coverage of effective conflict resolution activities. Media personnel go through Conflict Partnership training as part of the workshop.

Globalization: 3 Days.

Focusing on the complex phenomenon of “globalization”, this workshop deals with Skills and processes that can promote the positive potential of globalization: namely, the distribution of power, resources and benefits in ways that build mutually beneficial Partnership rather than domination and exploitation.

Religion, Peacebuilding, and Conflict Resolution: 2 Days.

The teachings of most of the world’s religions promote “peace”, yet history is full of the violence committed in the name of “God”. Skills for how religious leaders and institutions can collaborate in contributing to a sustainable peace is the focus of this workshop.

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